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Social Glow Events is for people who want to make new friends and meet new people in a nice fun environment in the London area.  We are a group that will be put the fun back in to events and...More >>
Workshops for living creatively:- How to use creativity to stay sane.. Are you interested in finding space to take stock, explore possibilities and receive tips for happier, calmer living? S...More >>
A woman was once defined by youth and beauty – No longer! Now she is educated, successful, resourceful … she can go it alone. Once she would have cared how she was perceived, now she shrugs ...More >>
Lets get together in our local neighborhood and have some fun meetups! Afternoon tea, movie night, dinners, cocktails and anything else that looks fun!...More >>
Calling all Nigerian food lovers!!! I love to meet other Nigerian food lovers, lets meet once every forthnight for a three course meal!! We dine on the most luscious, delicious produce one c...More >>
Well this is an experiment. I'm interested in meeting and making friends with people in or around London who like a mix of challenging conversation, doing varied stuff and laughs more than s...More >>
This group is for anyone who is interested in beauty, makeup, skin care, health, feel and looking good :) Let's get together, share our ideas and have fun with amazing people. Be inspired an...More >>
This is a group for those who are interested in checking out improvised tap dance to live music. London Tap Jam is the UK's only regular tap jam. You can sit back and enjoy the experience or...More >>
LONDON FRIENDS: I wanted to do that... Just not alone! (FREE, FUN & SAFE) * A community is great because of its members, and we need you to make it great! We live in an ever-shrinking world,...More >>
Tonbridge Web is a free activity-based meetup run monthly that's aimed at anyone who works within/with the web industry. Planned activities are generally at weekends and offer an opportunity...More >>
This group is for anyone and everyone who is interested in meeting fantastic new people, and also for people who have a passion for learning. We will have regular get togethers - dinner &...More >>
Welcome to the London College of Meditation meet up ! A Newhuman Beings community. This is a calling for all creative, joyful and free souls. We will develop and re-discover our true essence...More >>
Welcome to "Michelle's Events - New 2 London Meetup Group Join us if you are interested in meeting new people, making new friends, and having fun at various social gatherings. We also offer ...More >>
This is a group for people like us. When we moved to London — in part to keep adventure alive after many of our friends started settling with kids — we joined a few Meetup groups, but never ...More >>
International food lovers and social. This is my second meetup group that will explore other food cuisines from Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. We are a group of international foo...More >>
This is a group for females between 25 -35 that commute to London on a daily basis for work. I currently commute from Milton Keynes to London victoria daily & want to meet other females who ...More >>
Do you love the aroma and taste of coffee? Drink coffee everyday? London Coffee Tasting is an opportunity to bring together all coffee lovers. Do you want to know more about coffee? Do you w...More >>
First to know about upcoming secret dining and supper clubs in London. I have namesd this group Supper London Supper Clubs however will also bring to this group some great cozy home dining e...More >>
This group will be arranging events in Ashford, Staines and the surrounding area for any age group. We welcome singles, couples and people who would like to make new friends or catch up with...More >>
We encourage 'Social Skydiving', also know as - the art of talking to strangers. Whether you are a born and bred Londoner or you are new to the big city, it can be difficult to make new frie...More >>
We meet as a group of young people (sub35) interested in meditation and  Buddhism to practice toghether, to make connections and to discuss and explore Buddhism at it is relevant to people o...More >>
This is a group for the those who are interested in coming together exploring hidden parts of cities and engage in arts/cultural activities. We're planning to gather strangers (soon to be fr...More >>
Let's get together & have some fun whilst discovering new bars & restaurants in the city. This group is about wine & beer, great food, language exchange, wine tasting and much more....More >>
London is really big city and every year coming many people to work and live here. Very often this brings things like stress and no personal life. Being Pushed by future success, we conclude...More >>
Wonderers (our members) are those who see the world differently, are dissatisfied with what social media and mainstream entertainment offers, and are seeking to have meaningful conversations...More >>
Hi. I'm Anita and I live in Surbiton. Fairly recently separated I thought I would love my weekends when my husband looks after our two boys. And, indeed, when I have plans they are great. I ...More >>
The more you see, the more you love London? Is that you? If so, come, explore, enjoy London together! Want fun, enjoyable evenings with new people? Well, you have come to the right place! Th...More >>
This is a group for anyone who works or volunteers at charities or not-for-profit organisations. There are so many great charities in London, I thought it would be great to provide an enviro...More >>
Like to explore England? Meet like minded people in Londonan and join to visit our beautiful country and cities, day trips to scenic and historical sites in the comfort of a luxury coach. Al...More >>
Unhurried started a year ago in Cambridge, where we host monthly conversations. We're now starting up in Walthamstow. We've been thinking about the quality of being unhurried. There’s a lot ...More >>
This is a group for people who want to play the social game Wherewolf. In Wherewolf your village is having problems with pests. During the Night the village is attacked by werewolves & numbe...More >>
The Cineworld Wembley Meetup is for those living in the Harlesden, Wembley, Harrow and Willesden areas who enjoy cinema and/or are Unlimited Card Holders. You should definitely join if you a...More >>
I hope to create a space where people can work quietly on their own projects, in the company of other people, in a coffee shop or library. The work could be looking for a new job or career, ...More >>
Want to meet some new people and do something interesting? Whether its just a quick drink at a bar after work, or going for a walk down the river, going to the theatre, going to nice restaur...More >>
This is a group for a few sisters (we will close this group when we reach 25). The group is about connecting and having true/unique bond with sisters to encourage self awareness and knowledg...More >>
Welcome to Michelle's Events - Networking For Professional People, This is group for anyone who is interested in meeting new people, making new friends, and having fun at various gatherings....More >>
Do you have the competitive spirit? Well we do. Nothing brings the best out of people like a bit of competition ;) Our ideal member will be those who love a challenge, whilst simultaneously ...More >>
Let's get together for social meet ups in Bloomsbury neighborhood, and make some friends. If you live, work, study or love Bloomsbury area then this is group is for you. All other young Lond...More >>
I moved to Wateringbury a year ago and would like to start up a regular Meetup group for gay people in the North Kent area. For the last few years I have organised the London Gay Men's Dinne...More >>
This group is for Argentine Tango dancers in London who want to meetup to make new Tango friends and dance Tango in a relaxed friendly,supportive atmosphere. We will be meeting in various Ca...More >>
For peeps that want to have a go at real-life room escape games, in smallish (4-6 people groups) I'm aiming at organising something at a different escape room each month...More >>
Meet new friends around your area (Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith) so you can have some social fun even if you feel too lazy to go and take the tube :-) Also, meeting people that live close to ...More >>
This Group allows our members to experience new activities; grow their communities ,have fun together and create new trusted friends. This is real life, face-to-face community building and g...More >>
The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is ability of the human being to have a fun night out with like-minded people. The aim of this group is to get Lovecraft enthusiasts together f...More >>
You are unique. And you are beautiful. If you've heard it all before but have never quite believed it, you've come to the right place. This group is a celebration of individuality, of the be...More >>
If you are new in town, single or just want to meet other single people or make new friends this is the group for you. You can meet a nice cross section of people and make new friends outsid...More >>
How many times you've come across a cheap travel offer on Wow Go but your friend is not free ? This meetup is about getting together to form a travel group and take advantage of the cheap of...More >>
meeting girls in your area who you can arrange to go to the gym with, on a night out, have a laugh with. Events will be nights out, cocktails, clubbing, live music, anything that takes your ...More >>
Howdy fellow Film lovers and welcome to what promises to be a society that consistantly delivers exciting movie nights!!!!  Our society is in its early days so please bare with us while we o...More >>
This Meetup group is designed for expats or people living away from home in South West London, who want to meet people and make new friends. Our events are typically quite casual, located in...More >>
Don't be fooled by the title, the group is open to anyone who has some time mid weekday afternoon. The ideas that I would have would be walking or cycling with tea or a pub at the end, Museu...More >>
Welcome to Gentlemen Only Club! There are lots of ladies only groups, but very few groups for guys! So we have decided to adjust the balance by creating a social group just for straight guys...More >>
It is friendly and active group for people who live in City and whats to practice skiing locally. Olympian Mantas Strolia will look after you during the group sessions. It is perfect meetup ...More >>
Hi there, This group is addressed to every dancing lovers out there. People who enjoy going out to parties to dance, dance, dance non-stop, and socialise, why not? also for the ones who enjo...More >>
Why spend your Wednesday night on the couch? Come and join us and Salsa the night away....More >>
This group is about meet & greets. Creating new experiences and developing new friendships. Activities will be help twice a week from bowling, skating to pottery. Members decide what we do n...More >>
This group is for those in their 20's who want to meet new people (for example recent grads) with similar interests to share some fun experiences and hopefully make some new friends! It's al...More >>
Meeting up to watch football across the London social scene. Bars, pubs, restaurants. Casual or crazy....More >>
Would you like to go to Ceroc and Salsa classes and to freestyle nights? But don't have anyone to go with? Then join us! We're not a commercial organisation selling our classes. We're a grou...More >>
Do you like extreme debates? Do you like to go deeply into philosophical subjects? Do you like to put your own point of view across, or do you like to just listen to what others have to say?...More >>
E20 Collective is an all inclusive network based in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The mission is to encourage local skilled practitioners, small businesses and startups to meetu...More >>
This meetup is for 40 to 60 year olds looking for a committed relationship. Quality site for quality people looking for a serious relationship of quality. Safe enviroment to connect with you...More >>
A group for black women of all ages in which we come together to a place to eat and sit and chat about a subject pre-selected....More >>
5 reasons why you should join Interesting Business Talks & Events; 1. Create your own peer group of entrepreneurs, start ups and freelancers.  2. Get to hear some of the best speakers from a...More >>
Having recently moved to Windsor from London with our Cocker Spaniel pup - Bailey - we would love to start a doggy & owners social group. Open to anyone with or without a dog, that would lik...More >>
Welcome to the original social group for people who live in, work in or want to be in Tottenham. If you're looking to meet friendly people or for things to do in your local area then this is...More >>
What is philosophy?   1) The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. 2) To think carefully about serious issues. 3) A set or system of beliefs 4) A person who th...More >>
Unsung Stories Live will be a live events covering science fiction, fantasy, horror and all the other stuff that makes that fluffy nerdy bit of you quiver like a tribble. Expect live reading...More >>
Ladies and gentleman if you like to be entertained, enjoy stand up, comedy or musical theatre, burlesque shows or the like then this is the right meet-up for you. This group will be looking ...More >>
Do you love home cooked meals? Do you love to cook? Are you a budding chef/restaurant owner? Sick and tired of unhealthy generic takeaways? If at least one of the above is true then this gro...More >>
This is a group for both ladies and gentlemen, singles and couples who are currently finding it frustrating like myself to find exciting like minded individuals to go out with during the day...More >>
This is a group for quirky, down-to earth and good-humoured freelancers and others who work alone, have their own business, work from home/remotely etc and miss the social 'office interactio...More >>
Hello, London is a great town to socialize and explore new places in style.... 'Social Londoners' Meetup Group for anyone who is interested in networking, meeting new people, exploring new p...More >>
Whether you're a student in London, au pair or graduate, come join me in a wonderful filled adventure in London. Visiting the weird and spooky or the beautiful and surreal, London always has...More >>
Meetups to collaborate and produce no to low budget short films under a collective idea for a feature film project set in London. There are several short stories to produce for a feature con...More >>
This meet up is for Sci Fi and Anime fans a like. Get to know some fellow fans in Kingston and the surrounding areas, meet up for bubble tea, getting to know each other and planning trips to...More >>
This meetup is about playing badminton at all levels. Beginners welcome. Singles and doubles. We promote sport, health and fitness. Enjoy playing badminton and meeting new friends? Join us a...More >>
This group is for runners at all levels from beginners to experienced. Whether you want to maintain your fitness level or you are training for a particular running event this group is for yo...More >>
Like pubs? Like making new friends? Like exploring different areas of London? That’s pretty much all you need to for this to be the perfect group for you. The plan is to venture to a differe...More >>
'Reflections on the Life of the Spirit' is a thought-provoking and beautiful course open to all. It is typically conducted in a small study circle in a homely atmosphere, with the group deci...More >>
We are a social and activities group for people who live, work or visit North West London. We range from Harrow in the north, to Harlesden in the south, mostly covering the boroughs of Harro...More >>
"I need to sort my life out." Filling your time with fun stuff but don't know where you're headed? In a 'good' job but are really unhappy? Dating from sites but don't ever really feel real s...More >>
After the success of the award winning Bollyrobics classes in Epsom, it will now be launching in Croydon! Join the bollywood fever with this bolly fun workout! Whether you're looking to shed...More >>
Do you love tabletop gaming of all kinds? Board Games, Roleplaying Games, Strategy Games, Card Games and MORE?! Do words like Settlers of Catan, Blood Bowl, Fiasco, Arkham Horror and Legenda...More >>
A group for anyone interested in coaching and socialising....More >>
London is such a vibrant city - for all of us, whether you just moved to the city or are born here. Sometimes it's really hard to keep this fast London pace and find new same minded people i...More >>
Hello, This is a new group for backgammon players of all standards - from beginners to champions - anyone is welcome!    My aim is to have a laid back sociable afternoon, and evening, of bac...More >> FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours. Who is my friend? Who is my neighbour? Come to a FAN Group and you’ll meet friends and neighbours and feel more hopeful f...More >>
To encourage new people to try the sport of skiffing, (rowing) in traditional Thames skiffs, Open to anyone interested in water sports. You can take this up at any age, it's great fun. There...More >>
THIS GROUP IS UNLIKE MANY OTHER FEMALE GROUPS A NON-CHEESY SUPPORTING GROUP. It is to support strong minded women who really don't bug with insignificant things in life, having had the 'plea...More >>
This is a meetup group for those of you who are perhaps reluctant to join Meetup groups. We know how you feel. Were you to ask us a year ago if we would consider joining a Meetup group to ma...More >>
This group is for all girls/women who love shopping in independent retail shops around London. If you would like to find out about small and hidden shopping places for womenswear clothing -j...More >>
The Octagon is the church hall of St Saviour's, a fine Victorian church building in a tranquil setting very near to, but set back from, the bustle of Chalk Farm in London NW3. We have a vari...More >>
Novel London is a monthly literary event for writers to read out their opening chapters of their novels to an audience. There will be four writers per event. Each are required to blog, tweet...More >>
WHO IS IT FOR? That's Art! Meetup is all about inspiring creativity in everyday life. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to discover the inner artist within, reconnect with nature ...More >>
Join our special events where yoga, nutrition and networking come together to have us healthier and happier.  Let's achieve our full potential together and in a fun way. At our monthly event...More >>
This group is for all those working in the film and TV industries and those who would like to get into the industry to meet regularly and share our professional knowledge and enthusiasm with...More >>
Being able to connect with ourselves and the people we want to interact with most is one of, if not the most important life skills. We all need better connection in our lives whether in busi...More >>
Hey guys! This group is dedicated to exploring the fine (usually beer-selling) establishments around SE London. Mainly focused on Camberwell, Peckham, Brixton, New Cross vicinities, the grou...More >>
As a result of our successful Singles Meetup in Sussex, we have organised this group in Surrey.  We run relaxed, no pressure singles events such as winetasting, cocktail classes, sailing, go...More >>
Authentic Argentine Tango classes for beginner and intermediate levels with professional dancer-teacher from Argentina every Thursday in London. Guillermo Torrens is Argentinean dancer & tea...More >>
You are important and special, no matter what your position, status, life or career is. Your value is priceless and there is no two of you. We are a community church, a family centre, we lov...More >>
Group for like minded people to hang out in Harrow and surrounding areas to chill, chat and laugh together. Aimed at people between 33-43....More >>
From Medicine is community and support network primarily for doctors who are exploring or considering career options outside a 'linear' medical career. We connect individuals by arranging in...More >>
Practice Chinese and English near Canary Wharf. All levels and dialects are welcome! Events are free and aimed at getting people talking and making friends.  You're also welcome to use the g...More >>
Do you like questioning life, the universe and everything? Do you like discussing social, family, relationships, political, health or scientific subjects, and put your own point of view acro...More >>
Group of mobile (and other) photographers, who live, work or visit Surrey (UK). We love taking, editing and sharing photographs of our beautiful county using our smart phones and other camer...More >>
I am looking to get a badminton group together in Guildford for a couple of decent session once a week or so... I am an ex-uni player but am happy for a casual game. Hopefully we can start a...More >>
This group is for everyone looking to meet new people and make friends. We have a variety of events monthly from drinks, pub quiz's, trips out of town, movie nights, hobby nights and so much...More >>
This meetup is for amateur and professional writers, passionate about comedy and want to explore different strands in comedy from sitcom, improv, sketch to rom coms; and intend to pursue com...More >>
Wonderful way to make new friends! We're adorable, intriguing, and above all, interesting. I hope this will be a select group of good women where you'll enjoy coming, enjoy the people, and f...More >>
Are you ready to do some art? So you came to the right place! =D You don't have to be a traditional artist, have an art degree, be the "creative type" or be born with the "gift" (I hate this...More >>
The Afro Experience aims to bring black professionals, creatives, singles and like minded individuals together through various events from cultural events to socialising in a relaxed and ele...More >>
This is a group for anyone that commutes to London on a daily basis for work. I currently commute from Milton Keynes to London victoria daily & want to meet people who Also commute in centra...More >>
"Hello, I am hoping to create a group who have a wish list! A group of older somethings who are young at heart, want to meet up, share experiences, have fun, travel, socialise and try new ex...More >>
Be part of a gathering that shares the pleasures of hiking amongst mysterious strangers, new acquaintances, potential friends and familiar faces. Join the conversation and talk about anythin...More >>
This is a group for women in and around their 30s who are interesting, fun, educated, creative, unconventional. We'll meet about twice a month and we will keep the group small and select, wi...More >>
Welcome to my meetup page "I WANTED TO DO THAT THIS WEEKEND...Just not alone!! The mission of this group is exactly what the name implies, we want to provide good company and a positive atmo...More >>
This is a group for anyone who loves great Craft food - Bread, Cake, Cheese, Chocolate, Charcuterie, Preserves, BBQ, Beer, Wine and everything in between.   We are a very friendly group and ...More >>
Calling all fun and fabulous young women, aged 18-30, in and around Wycombe! We are a group of friendly girls of similar ages, who regularly get together for coffee, dinner, trips to the the...More >>
Van's Taste Teleport is an amateur Supper Club based (formerly in London), but now Copenhagen and is hosted by a foodie enthusiast, and a keen cook! I have been fortunate enough to travel to...More >>
This is a group for Enfield based residents with an opportunity to get to know people in our county over fun events. These include dinning out, drinks, going for tea/coffee, outdoor activiti...More >>
Let's get together for affordable activities in our town, like going for a coffee and talk about the news, storytime at the library, having picnics near Hartham, hiking, cycling and obviousl...More >>
A chance for people to make friends and enjoy all sorts of activities together....More >>
City Elements is a Lifestyle Members Club for City professionals living in London. For the latest news and events like us on Facebook here: Our Members Th...More >>
Want to live a healthier life but don't know where to start? Need accountability? Would you like some support from a loving community where you can be heard and given lots of great info / re...More >>
Even the longest journey has to start with one single first step and as many of us know the hardest step is usually getting out the door.....master that and who knows where it can take you. ...More >>
I wanted to create a group for young fun ladies in London who are interested in meeting up on a regular basis in order to attempt to form good friendships. This is because I am new to London...More >>
This group is for events based around a love of Photography. It doesn't matter if you shoot with a DSLR, Compact Camera or a Mobile Phone, if you like to be infront of the camera or behind i...More >>
This group celebrates and encourages those who want to live their best life. Life is short right? So we should live it to the full. That means getting out of it everything that you want with...More >>
Make the most of summer and play some beach volleyball! We're looking to get enough people to reserve courts at Barn Elms Sport Centre in advanced. All skill levels welcome but it's probably...More >>
At a Loose End is a social group which does all the usual fun stuff (drinks and coffee socials, museum visits, dinners, day trips etc.) in and around London. It's aimed at people in their 20...More >>
This is a group for people who like me may have found themselves over 40 and looking to make new friends and connections. Whether it’s through the end of a relationship, relocating, changing...More >>
Christian women fellowshipping with like minded women who empower and inspire one another to believe God for the great plans He has for us. A fun and empowering evening held quarterly at the...More >>
Fund and be an extra in a film!!!! Calling all subcultures and partygoers, this is a group for meeting new people in a friendly, upbeat environment with a focus on having fun and building re...More >>
Calling all 'purple creative people' in SW area who are interested in going to the theatre, love live music, concerts, cinema, art galleries, museums, lunch, dinner, drinks ...a great social...More >>
Hello everyone, Having realised that there is a lack of meetups for ladies of North London, this is a social group where there will be a mix of different events for ladies who either call on...More >>
I started the group as I'm new to loughton and wanted new friends to socialise with esp in the day...More >>
London Documentary Meetup is a group devoted to documentaries. We have been very lucky - in the last few years the feature length documentary has really taken off….! To such a degree that it...More >>
This group is for single Indian professionals (though all are welcome to join),in their 30s, 40s and 50s. There will be no cliched singles or dating events, the thought of which makes most p...More >>
This is a group for Black or mixed race females over 30 who are interested in many social events and building quality friendships. Sometimes friends have moved on and you may find there is n...More >>
Looking for a fun way to spend your evenings? Join us for a Singing, Dancing or Acting classes with Stage & the City!  There are also opportunities to perform if you want to! See our website...More >>
Ebony Mingle is for singles of black or mixed race parentage, whom would like to connect with similar people in the community, who wish to embrace a shared social experience with like minded...More >>
The London Society of Fun takes advantage of the marvellous cultural opportunities available in London. We have eclectic interests, meeting up to visit museums and galleries, watch unusual f...More >>
I love the outdoors and have practiced bushcraft since i was a child as well as attended various courses to reinforce my knowledge. I started this group so people can enjoy the beautiful sce...More >>
We are keen to offer the best fun Salsa, Bachata, and Fitness to our London Friends. We will regularly have a Sunday 5pm Salsa/bachata/ Fitness event in central London. Come Join us, Let's s...More >>
Yes, a Museum of Happiness in London! That's what we want to build. But we need your help to grow our supporters first. So join up and come along to our affordable meetups, workshops and eve...More >>
If you like everything that is different, unique, with no boundaries, energetic and fun and you are between 30-40 years old then this is the group for you. Activities we are organizing: * gi...More >>
The Hungry Worms Book Club is a very social book club that meets every six weeks in Chelsea to discuss our book of the month, as nominated by our members, over drinks in our local boozer. Fe...More >>
Social Events for singles of 18's-45's to mingle and socialise in London. We arrange nights out at different venues in London. It can be just social meet in bars or night clubs Where you can...More >>
Hello language enthusiasts! Discover GoLingo's one-to-one language exchange event. Bringing native speakers* together for fun and friendly 16 minute conversations. We speak for 8 minutes in ...More >>
Oz&Jay is happy to bring its students and meet up adventurers together on its new trips to UK`s top destinations. Our aim is to make your trips fun and a great experience for you. If you are...More >>
This group is for Black professionals that live in and around Beckenham  ( Bromley,Penge,Crystal Palace,Elmers End etc) that want to meet and socialise with other like-minded people. Let's m...More >>
Calling all girls in the city aged 18 - 30! I've been searching for a way to meet other girls in the city, so we can go for drinks, dinner, clubbing, and general socialising! London's an ama...More >>
Fancy trying a new sport or picking up the old softball bat again, or are you new to the area and looking for a softball team?  The Chargers are a fun and friendly group who play in the Grea...More >>
After living in London for the past few years, meeting some great people and having fun experiences, I look to expand on this and create more memories with new friends! I've come to find the...More >>
The Irish are a unique people. No matter where we are around the world there is a connection, a link that binds us all, be it through culture, sport, politics or just enjoying the craic! The...More >>
We run unique events specifically targeted at minglers. You might be single; you might not be. As long as you want to meet new people and have some fun, we want to meet you....More >>
East Village London is a new home for many people. It is proving a great place to live - wonderful transport links, the Olympic Park - and not to forget the shopping in Westfields! I set up ...More >>
Welcome to NICE CLUB:  Positive Impact Group This group is founded on the belief that doing good feels good. Philanthropy, charity and good deeds can make our society better and make us bett...More >>
Like to run? Live in Herts? This is a group for those who enjoy running and fancy trying out new routes and different places in Herts to run. Maybe you are new to running and looking for som...More >>
I have started this Meetup group as a way for people to broaden their social circle through a fun and hopefully challenging activity. Whether you are coming to a quiz for the first time or h...More >>
Whether you're into deep house, afro house, vocal house, this is the group for you. Let's meetup and attend some of the many soulful house events that we get blessed with in London. & Please...More >>
Hey all, I am hoping to make new friends by creating a series of small private potluck and quiz nights. I have a small living room, 8 Playstation quiz buzzers, 8 wine glasses and tooooo (32)...More >>
Enjoy authentic, delicious African food in our Supper Club. Our menus are rich, bringing you the diverse tastes from North, South, East and West Africa. We also surprise with our fusion food...More >>
Men United is a social and networking group for ALL men, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identification, age, ethnicity, wealth, professional status, life experience ... or anything...More >>
Would you like to connect with other souls to explore your creativity and celebrate life in an authentic way? This is the group for us! We are going to explore our inner child through variou...More >>
With many hundreds of active breweries, Italy's beer scene is very exciting and we want to spread the word. Italian beer isn't just Peroni and Moretti. Join us and try new beers, join the co...More >>
Meet new people and forge great new friendships at small, activity-based events. The focus of this group is quality social interactions at quality (but mostly free) social events. The goal i...More >>
We are a group of people that like meeting together to chat, debate, laugh, have fun, eat and drink and most importantly, walk to Walsingham every year carrying a cross. We would love to mee...More >>
Welcome to the North West London 30s & 40s Social Group. If you want to meet new people, get together, have fun, you are in the right place! This group has been created to provide an opp...More >>
Come on ladies! Let's be unashamedly selfish :) for one whole hour each week and get together in a supportive, strictly judgement-free environment, to share tips, life lessons, experiences, ...More >>
We are The League of Fabulous Women (tlfw). A network of fantastic women who happen to be child free by circumstance & by choice. We're a warm friendly bunch and this group is intended to be...More >>
A social and outdoor group for people who live near or have easy access to Hampstead Heath and who want to make the most of all the heath has to offer! I'm thinking runs, swims in the ponds,...More >>
This meet up group gives members the opportunity to make new friends, social events in st' Margarets, Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, chiswick, and Kingston upon Thames area. We'll Meetup ...More >>
Struggling to meet new people?   Always wanted to have a group of close friends? You're in the right place! 'The London Friends Maker' is a socializing group aimed at ladies aged 18-30, whe...More >>
Having loved and lived in this city for many years, I want to share some of the secret and historic locations and venues only London can offer. The quaint pubs, inspiring galleries, vibey ba...More >> specialise in regular events for book lovers - readers, authors and collectors. is about buying, selling and swapping books. We allow you to bring your pe...More >>
Bored of your office environment at lunchtimes? Want something fun to do to distract you from your job? Work around the Aldwych area? Meet up with us one lunchtime a week in different locati...More >>
Come play with fellow baddy buddies for some bad-ass badminton! We're all about getting together for the friendlies (x4 games courts) and fanatics (x1 competition court) and improving our sk...More >>
This group is for anyone that likes drinking tea and spending time in parks! We meet up on sunny days, bring out the tea, have a taste and chat, socialise, work, play, dance and whatever els...More >>
This is a group for us Swedish and British entrepreneurs in London that would like to create connections with one another. This is group formed by Swedly Events and PR in London. Our goal an...More >>
This group's events covers a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a twist of adventure. Some events to look forward to: Drinks with a view Day hikes Historic pubs tours Dinners ...More >>
Hi Everyone We are about connecting, making more likeminded friends and enjoying events and socialising together in London. Simply, we like learning and growing together as well as partying!...More >>
Rotary Meet-Up Rotary is a prestigious, international organisation with over a million members worldwide. We are a group of like-minded men and women who enjoy helping our local community an...More >>
Come and meet like minded creative minds at Creative Work Spaces @ Cranford Library. We want to develop a thriving community in Cranford where people will be encouraged to explore, learn and...More >>
Join one of London's most experienced teachers of yoga and voice for dynamic, vibrant and exciting yoga classes, workshops, socials, live music and yoga events and meetups. All of us need ti...More >>
Hey New Buddies, Let me make it easy for you to decide whether this meetup group is for you or not. All you need to do is just answer three simple (yes/no) questions: 1. Are you new to Londo...More >>
This group is for everybody with a passion for gastronomy, the countryside, outdoor activities and wine. Join us for hiking, walking & cycling, gastronomy & wine tours in popular UK & Europe...More >>
Are you highly sensitive?  Do you know Highly Sensitive People?vResearch by Elaine Aron PhD shows that about 15 to 20 per cent of us are born with a nervous system that is more sensitive tha...More >>
SAWW is the perfect walking group for 35-55 age group. We are an active walking group which welcomes people who enjoy sociable walking at the weekends, lots of fresh air & being outdoors. If...More >>
A social group for those living and working in W9. Including a range of activities from brunch to wine tasting, walks and comedy clubs. Taking advantage of some of the local hot spots....More >>
We are a group of awakening open hearted souls who love to meet, connect and grow together as a Community. Join and discover why millions around the planet are awakening to Spirituality. Wha...More >>
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ? C.S. Lewis. This group is about about socialising in it's purest and simp...More >>
Come join our nice, friendly group of welcoming people. Together, we'll learn how to talk with anybody. *Would you like to be able to start a conversation with someone you don't know? *Would...More >>