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Authentic Argentine Tango classes for beginner and intermediate levels with professional dancer-teacher from Argentina every Thursday in London. Guillermo Torrens is Argentinean dancer & tea...More >>
I have started this Meetup group as a way for people to broaden their social circle through a fun and hopefully challenging activity. Whether you are coming to a quiz for the first time or h...More >>
We are a group of awakening open hearted souls who love to meet, connect and grow together as a Community. Join and discover why millions around the planet are awakening to Spirituality. Wha...More >>
This meet up group was formed to allow over 30's to engage and socialise in exclusive venues in London. If you are new to London or to the London social scene this group would offer you an o...More >>
Welcome to "Young Professionals in London (21-44) Come join us if you are interested in meeting new people, making new friends, and having fun at various social gatherings. We also offer exc...More >>
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...More >>
A warm welcome to the Home of the Goddess & Your Twin-Flame Dating. A place for Spiritual Singles to come together and share there Passion for Dreams. And at the same time find there Twin-Fl...More >>
This is a group for anyone that commutes to London on a daily basis for work. I currently commute from Milton Keynes to London victoria daily & want to meet people who Also commute in centra...More >>
This group is for anyone wanting to start yoga. You will learn the foundations and basic moves of Forrest Yoga. Forrest Yoga is has been developed by Ana Forrest and is tailored for people w...More >>
East London Meet Your Neighbours organises events in the East London and inner Essex areas aimed at locals who want to meet other locals of all ages. Relaxed events, including a regular mont...More >>
Even the longest journey has to start with one single first step and as many of us know the hardest step is usually getting out the door.....master that and who knows where it can take you. ...More >>
This is a fairly new meetup group for Doctor Who fans in London! (or anyone whose TARDIS temporarily materialised in London). We are just ordinary fun loving friendly people..  DrWho fans..w...More >>
Hi Everyone! Life is wonderful and you are welcome to live it to the fullest, meet like-minded people and learn to be better and happier person. As creator of educational program "Royal Acad...More >>
Bitnation provides all the services a traditional government provides, from law and insurance to security - but in a geographically unbound, decentralised and voluntary way. Bitnation is pow...More >>
What are Lego Singles Parties? Lego lets you express your creativity and playfulness, so it’s a lot easier to have interesting conversation with someone after you've spent a few minutes buil...More >>
We’re a social group in Sydenham, Crystal Palace and Forest Hill. We organise local events including fringe theatre, pub quizzes, gigs, cycling, walking, salsa dancing and attending festival...More >>
This meetup is for over 40s (40s, 50s, 60s etc) who live in and around the Brockley area: Singles, couples, guys, girls, everyone and anyone over 40 (plus anyone who likes to hang out with o...More >>
Have you created a “Bucket List”? Would you love to create one? Do you want to get together with people doing the same to help you achieve you list? Then this is definitely the new meet up f...More >>
Hello there! We'd like to welcome you to our FREE weekly Sahaja Yoga meditation meetings which take place in the Greenwich West Community Centre, 141 Greenwich High Rd, Greenwich, SE10 8JA (...More >>
We have a mandate to impact the world through our vision, Gifts and talents so that we glorify God. International Christian Network (ICN) ICN is a connection place that provides networking r...More >>
This group is for any creative person who want to indulge themselves with the choice of doing language conversation only, draw each other, or participate to a creative workshop upstairs welc...More >>
Isn't it great when you meet some new interesting people over a quick coffee during the day? Well, this group is intended just for that. So, if you're in the local area (Farnborough Village/...More >>
This is a group for women from all walks of life to get together and meet new girly friends. We will have a mixture of events run by me or other members of the group. If you have a good idea...More >>
Do you have skills in filmmaking or communications? Do you want to spend a bit of your time to help social organisations? Connect with like minded people? Learn new skills and gain work expe...More >>
This is a place to come and co-create our futures together John River's company is "Healing River Inc". He is also the Director of "The Conscious Chef". John teaches Conscious Food Cooking, ...More >>
Having recently moved to Windsor from London with our Cocker Spaniel pup - Bailey - we would love to start a doggy & owners social group. Open to anyone with or without a dog, that would lik...More >>
Welcome to the original social group for people who live in, work in or want to be in Tottenham. If you're looking to meet friendly people or for things to do in your local area then this is...More >>
The I AM Christian Group aims to promote by action and prayer the psycho-social well-being and integration of people that are of African descent, living in Bromley in particular and adjacent...More >>
Group of mobile (and other) photographers, who live, work or visit Surrey (UK). We love taking, editing and sharing photographs of our beautiful county using our smart phones and other camer...More >>
I am looking to get a badminton group together in Guildford for a couple of decent session once a week or so... I am an ex-uni player but am happy for a casual game. Hopefully we can start a...More >>
This group is for everyone looking to meet new people and make friends. We have a variety of events monthly from drinks, pub quiz's, trips out of town, movie nights, hobby nights and so much...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in celebrating and learning about great Craft food - Baking, Bees, Cheese, Preserves, Curing, Smoking, BBQ and everything in between. We will be organis...More >>
Let's get together for affordable nights out in London. We will know that a night in London can be an expensive one! Therefore, we created this group so that like-minded people can socialise...More >>
This group has been started for South Africans living in London who are interested in social events and travelling with fellow South Africans, in safe groups, with professional security, tra...More >>
“Discover, explore and learn about London's vibrant creative and cultural scene!” Hello and a warm welcome to Lamplark London. Our social group is open to everyone interested in exploring Lo...More >>
Hey all, I am hoping to make new friends by creating a series of small private potluck and quiz nights. I have a small living room, 8 Playstation quiz buzzers, 8 wine glasses and tooooo (32)...More >>
Enjoy authentic, delicious African food in our Supper Club. Our menus are rich, bringing you the diverse tastes from North, South, East and West Africa. We also surprise with our fusion food...More >>
Gay - Straight - Bi, Black - White, Young - Old WHATEVER! Sick of labels, being pigeonholed or feeling confined or different? Curious about others and their lives? Bored with a one-dimension...More >>
Welcome to Bromley Personal Development Group, which does exactly what it says on the tin! All of us have aspects of our lives which we would like to improve. Personal development is a lifel...More >>
Would you like to connect with other souls to explore your creativity and celebrate life in an authentic way? This is the group for us! We are going to explore our inner child through variou...More >>
With many hundreds of active breweries, Italy's beer scene is very exciting and we want to spread the word. Italian beer isn't just Peroni and Moretti. Join us and try new beers, join the co...More >>
A group for those in the Berkshire area living with mental health problems and are also in work. You may be looking for extra support as those working 9-5 often struggle to get adequate supp...More >>
This group is for ladies like you, whether your new to London or London born and bred you'll find something for you at London ladies. There will be a range of activities on offer from nights...More >>
Brought to you from the people behind Flying Solo London Meetup Group (who for 18 months have run two of the biggest and most reputable social groups on London Meetup), we bring you 'Flying ...More >>
This is a social group for Ladies who want to get out, have fun and make new friends!! Outings will be varied and ideas are always wanted so if you have a venue or place you think members wo...More >>
This is a free meetup group for all film fans living in the SW London area. There will be a regular meetup to view the latest releases, meet new people and, for those of us who have them, ab...More >>
The Career and Business Meetup group is for entrepreneurs and small business owners to meet, share and learn from some of the best in the business. We host relevant talks and engaging, inter...More >>
Come and join a supportive and fun group who meet every Monday morning to laugh together and let go of stress! We practice some gentle chi gong exercises, laughter play with lots of giggles ...More >>
Pop into our lovely new studio for a fun evening of ceramic painting in Archway, North London. These evenings will be held on the last Friday evening of every month From 7pm-9pm ish. It's a ...More >>
Hi all, I'm trying to get a few games going in West London & Surrey. I'm thinking 5-a-side or 7-a-side, open to anyone regardless of age (though it's an adult group, so 18+), gender, or ...More >>
DO YOU HAVE A STORY THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Everyone has a story. From the time we wake up until we lay our heads back down on the pillow we've lived a multitude of stories - each one an...More >>
Hello everyone, My name is Alida. I work in the city and in my spare time, I love hosting Social events and bringing people together. I have a few years of experience hosting social events a...More >>
Instead of sitting in front of the TV only, let's come out and meetup! Sitting in front of internet or TV has taken our life away and given us a lot of information instead. Let's really meet...More >>
A meetup group for those interested in casual chats over coffee with other Project Management practitioners. Inspired by lack of casual networking opportunities in this field and desire to k...More >>
This Business is for Women wanting to share a Homebased Business , Epertise & Opportunities for women looking for this Perfect Opportunity!! It is a Networking event where Like Minded women/...More >>
You are important and special, no matter what your position, status, life or career is. Your value is priceless and there is no two of you. We are a community church, a family centre, we lov...More >>
Forrest Yoga (developed by Ana Forrest) is great for everyone including and especially those who have sedentary repetitive-task jobs (ie lots of sitting and typing). It is also brilliant for...More >>
**This group is for women ONLY, who are up for attending events** Hello There! Thank you for stopping by "Girlfriends About Town" This group is for women between the ages of 30-45 who are po...More >>
London Connections: Social Discovery Network is a group made for those who want to experience the best that London has to offer and to discover just what it means to be in one of the best ci...More >>
Want to give your time to a good cause? Join The Royal British Legion Volunteers, London! This is a great opportunity to get involved with fundraising in Greater London, meet new people, hav...More >>
This group is for people who would like to meet up and socialize in a variety of settings and moods. I will have meetups specifically for people who may feel shy, lonely and/or isolated and ...More >>
Enjoy socialising and meeting new people? Are you a member of lots of Muslim networking groups, but always wish the age group could be a little older? Whether you are single or in a relation...More >>
This meetup is for anyone who enjoys the full experience of eating out at top restaurants. From the ambience, the artistry of the food layout, the innovative ingredient combinations to creat...More >>
WHO ARE WE: We bring together adventurers from around London in search of a 5pm-9am that will placate chronic cases of wanderlust and phobia of routine. We believe what really matters are ex...More >>
Couples In Touch is a social group created by a couple designed for couples 25 years and over.The meet up consist of different types of social events which is diverse in nature, fulfilling t...More >>
This is a group primarily for those tied to taking their holidays when state schools have broken for the term. You are probably working in a school or college of further education or are a s...More >>
For those who are hungry to achieve the next level in their career and business. Learn from established entrepreneurs and professionals who share their stories and tips for success during ta...More >>
Shy girls london is a group for females who see themselves as being shy and find it difficult to make new friends. Come join us if you want to meet new people! If you have any suggestions fo...More >>
Welcome to Museum & Galleries Meetup Group meet people & make new friends :) Join us as we explore London Musuems, London Art Galleries, and the best in Movies, Theater, and Culture! THERE W...More >>
The idea of FreeConvo is to create environments where people can experience conversational freedom. Environments where people open up and communicate genuinely and honestly, without subtext ...More >>
Group for like minded people to hang out in Harrow and surrounding areas to chill, chat and laugh together. Aimed at people between 33-43....More >>
Welcome to my meetup page "I WANTED TO DO THAT THIS WEEKEND...Just not alone!! The mission of this group is exactly what the name implies, we want to provide good company and a positive atmo...More >>
Calling all girls in the city aged 18 - 30! I'm a 21 year old girl who recently moved to London from Essex and I've been searching for a way to meet other girls in the city, so we can go for...More >>
Fancy trying a new sport or picking up the old softball bat again, or are you new to the area and looking for a softball team?  The Chargers are a fun and friendly group who play in the Grea...More >>
After living in London for the past few years, meeting some great people and having fun experiences, I look to expand on this and create more memories with new friends! I've come to find the...More >>
We run unique events specifically targeted at minglers. You might be single; you might not be. As long as you want to meet new people and have some fun, we want to meet you....More >>
East Village London is a new home for many people. It is proving a great place to live - wonderful transport links, the Olympic Park - and not to forget the shopping in Westfields! I set up ...More >>
We are building a different kind of social group. We do good deeds, because doing good feels good. Social enterprise, philanthropy and charity has the power to transform our society for the ...More >>
Like to run? Live in Herts? This is a group for those who enjoy running and fancy trying out new routes and different places in Herts to run. Maybe you are new to running and looking for som...More >>
A warm welcome to the meetup page of the Upminster Methodist Church, a vibrant, growing and welcoming Christian community in Upminster in Essex, to the North-East of London. Here we run a la...More >>
This group is for any expats living in London, from any realm of the world! If you're new to London, or an established resident, you'll find opportunities in this group to get together with ...More >>
Meetups in London for any punk or punk-related shows. Pre-gig drinks, non-gig meetups and whatever else! Non-discriminatory/all-inclusive!...More >>
A Social group for People who enjoy WestEnd Theatre and Film Shows! Maybe a bit passionate... What we do is to get a group of like minded individuals (That's YOU) to get together and watch T...More >>
Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. Now you can be an instant millionaire with us on a monthly basis, with the Millionaire Maker board game created by Loral Langemeier, Dr Phil’s Mone...More >>
A group for current and former serving members of the Royal Signals in the London area to meet, network, share a drink and share old times....More >>
This is a group for any Irish girls who have lived in London for a short or long time. I started this group because although I love meeting people of other nationalities, it's always lovely ...More >>
Swedish Fit is a fitness class which has been developped with the help of both physiotherapists and Swedish doctors. During a one-hour workout, we work all the major muscle groups in the bod...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in seeing London and its surrounding areas in a unique way. Everyone is welcome. I started this group because I really enjoy going out, exploring new pl...More >>
'Giggle' is a collective noun for a group of girls. London is where we are. This group is for professional women in their 30's and 40's who want to meet like minded women for chat, laughter ...More >>
Pretty simple, after work informal drinks/dinner and chats!...More >>
Welcome to The London Singles Club Meetup Group, Are you Single and looking for love in London, then this is the group for you who are ready to meet someone significant in their lives and wo...More >>
Hey, moved to Catford a while ago and haven't found a book club here so thought I'd set one up! Please feel free to join regardless of your tastes in literature. It can be as random as you l...More >>
This is a group for people (30s up) involved in the wild and crazied world of the arts - we all know how it feels to be stuck in an artistic rut or feeling slightly manic about ideas, inspir...More >>
Whether you're a keen storyteller or a good listener, there's something at JUNKANORY for you! London's newest monthly story night is an interactive evening of storytelling, story making and ...More >>
Find out more at We run weekly classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays and a Brazilian Zouk Party all evening every Saturday in central London! Come and check out ...More >>
Dance on the roof of the western world, chose from 3 separate Djs and have a conversation with some one without yelling in their ear. If this sounds good please join....More >>
Welcome to Girlfriends in London Meetup Group! Welcome! This meetup belongs to the members :) Ladies if you want to promote an event, please do so on this meetup I have changed the settings ...More >>
Exclusive network for dynamic eligible professionals looking for a long-term relationship. Loads of opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals in private members clubs and glamorous...More >>
Welcome to London Cheap Eats and Going Out Group Join us if you are interested in meeting new people, making new friends, going to cheap eateries and having fun at various social gatherings ...More >>
So you're a grown-up lady who loves to game or a younger man who wants to date a woman who has a decent vocabulary and life experience with which to discuss the ins and outs of A Game of Thr...More >>
Do you have the competitive spirit? Well we do. Nothing brings the best out of people like a bit of competition ;) Our ideal member will be those who love a challenge, whilst simultaneously ...More >>
Let's get together for social meet ups in Bloomsbury neighborhood, and make some friends. If you live, work, study or love Bloomsbury area then this is group is for you. All other young Lond...More >>
I moved to Wateringbury a year ago and would like to start up a regular Meetup group for gay people in the North Kent area. For the last few years I have organised the London Gay Men's Dinne...More >>
This group is for Argentine Tango dancers in London who want to meetup to make new Tango friends and dance Tango in a relaxed friendly,supportive atmosphere. We will be meeting in various Ca...More >>
The Afro Experience aims to bring black professionals, creatives, singles and like minded individuals together through various events from cultural events to socialising in a relaxed and ele...More >>
What's the group about? Hi, this group is about learning and improving acting and public speaking skills, through intro and progression acting classes, for all nationalities. Who are the c...More >>
Are you looking to learn, practice and improve your ITALIAN LANGUAGE skills (any level) while having fun and make new friends? Let's get together in a relaxed venue to have a chat in ITALIAN...More >>
This Group is for people who live, work, or play in Kensington and Chelsea. Promoting Networking and Social opportunities for people who want to have fun and meet socially in Kensington and ...More >>
We organise day trips from London to some of the UK's most beautiful and historic towns and cities. Our group is about exploring, adventure, culture, history, and meeting other guys and girl...More >>
A- come together and socialize- academics meetup group . Get the chance of meeting other academics for fun -conversations- culture -dining- discussions and dating. Have you ever been through...More >>
“Where I come from we say that rhythm is the soul of life, because the whole universe revolves around rhythm, and when we get out of rhythm, that’s when we get into trouble.” Babatunde Olatu...More >>
For all of you intelligent, articulate folk who feel stranded in a sea of mediocrity, this is a chance to hob-nob, make connections and chin-wag/shoot the breeze with educated, up-beat, frie...More >>
*********Pre or post theatre food & drinks********meetup*********** This a group to try out different cuisine every time including Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Thai or vegetaria...More >>
Welcome to Girlfriends in London Who Love 2 Dance, This meetup belongs to the members :) Ladies if you want to promote an event, please do so on this meetup I have changed the settings so th...More >>
The London Spanish Club is a group for those who feel passionate about the Spanish language and culture. This group is orientated specially to those of you who are keen on learning Spanish a...More >>
Are you fed up with trawling the websites and going on boring blind dates? It's now time to meet some real people, have fun while you cook or learn about food  and then have dinner with them...More >>
Bikram Yoga Clapham Junction has an active, vibrant community of yogis and yoginis and we're looking to grow even stronger by reaching out to the meetup community. More than just classes, we...More >>
This group is for Iranian females whether half or fully iranian under 35 years old living in London. I am an Iranian and have been in England all my life but have never really had the opport...More >>
Welcome to Girlfriends in London (30s - 40s) This group is specifically designed for ladies in their 30s and 34s who live in London, the goal of the group is to meet new friends, go out with...More >>
Hi guys, I know St Albans, where I lived before had a 20s something group and I think it's a great idea to meet people my age and maybe make some new friends and get to know Watford and surr...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in social events that are fun and where you can make friends. We have all types of events ranging from Games night to bbq/House events in which the majo...More >>
Welcome, Single and Ready to Mingle! Calling the young-at-heart Men & Women out there! London is so big, yet there are so many singles that are looking for a match in London. Let’s make it s...More >>
This group has been created to help to support people who wish to loose weight in a fun and friendly environment with a qualified personal trainer. The week will be a combination of walks, t...More >>
Do you like to laugh, hang out, and discover your brightest qualities and London's most enjoyable, and memorable events? By joining this group you will be invited to many exciting and memora...More >>
This group is for people with a long term condition, or more than one condition, who want to live their life in the most positive, fun, happy and fulfilling way they can. There are so many w...More >>
This is a group for creative people who like to be social, have fun and tap into their creative side. What ever you want to create - cards, vintage style candles, mosaic plant pots or jewell...More >>
If you’ve come here from another country you may be finding it difficult to meet English speakers, but we’re everywhere! You just need to know how to do it and feel confident doing it, so pe...More >>
Welcome to TwentySomeone Talks . We hold talks that inspire you to create the life you are capable of before you're 30. Our meetups are focused on having fresh content and fresh topics, so, ...More >>
Hi! My name is Russell. I'm from California and I've lived in London for about a year. I'm pretty outgoing and love to meet new people, and there wasn't a group already called "Russell Hangi...More >>
This group is all about: 1 - Doing something fun and/or interesting 2 - Not doing it alone For example we could be meeting to play table football and have a few drinks. We could be going to ...More >>
“Discover, learn and explore the exciting world of Digital Art & Design!” Hello and a warm welcome. Our group is open to everyone  with an interest in art, craft or design. Our main aim is t...More >>
Shorinji Kempo ( is for anyone who wants to have fun and make new friends whilst learning a modern martial art that benefits the individual by training and achieving...More >>
Break the Link Meetings are an ongoing series of expert talks on health, wealth, love and relationships, all designed to help you break those ‘old links’ that hold you back in ALL areas of y...More >>
Let's go scrumpy seeking! London has several Meetup groups for beer drinkers, but here's one for those of us who like our pints a little more fruity to get together and discover the city's b...More >>
This is a group for people under 28 living in Epsom and the surrounding areas who want meet new people and make friends. We'll be doing a variety of activities such as dinner, drinks, cinema...More >>
I am originally from West Wales, and new to London.  I am a fluent welsh speaker, and would like to meet more welsh speakers in the city, and do typical welsh activities, such as cheer on th...More >>
This is a group for single/divorced/separated mums and dads in London, who are interested in socialising, sharing thoughts, experience and fun time with like minded people. Single mums and d...More >>
This is a group for professionals and serious entrepreneurs who work in Mayfair to socialise, network and exchange ideas after work. Membership will be very selective, and it is recommended ...More >>
Ladies, let's learn and support each other! You might have started a business or thinking about it. Maybe you work from home? Single or married/in a relationship, all ladies are welcome. Thi...More >>
As the name suggests, this group is for people in and around the village of Kings Langley that are interested in meeting new people in the local area. I'm planning to organise local drinks, ...More >>
Welcome to Hertford Singles 30s & 40s! This group is all about getting know new people, finding new friends and hopefully meeting that special someone. The group is for single people aged 30...More >>
Welcome to Girlfriends in London (20s - 30s) This group is specifically designed for ladies in their 20s and 30s who live in London, the goal of the group is to meet new friends, go out with...More >>
This is a group for Londoners who love their food and enjoy getting to meet new people in this incredible city! We've found that some of the best relationships are forged through conversatio...More >>
Let's share our passion for a good pint and meet other people from the London area in some of the best places in Europe. Many of us meet up in London regularly at weekends, so why not do it ...More >>
This is a new group for anyone interested in intellectual discussions aiming at reaching the highest level of intelligence beyond what we already know. The events will be held in cafe's in C...More >>
This is a social group for men and women that live in Havering and Essex, who are in their 20s, 30s and 40s and would like to meet new people in their local area. The group regularly meet up...More >>
This community group was started in Cystal Palace to invite all those who might be interested in learning to meditate and for those who actually want to achieve Yoga. Many are curious as to ...More >>
Hi, After being a member and joining other great events on meet up, I decided I'd like to give it a go and host my own! I have set up this meet up group as I would like to meet new people, a...More >>
"Handball in London" is a community for the people who are interested in playing handball in London. We are a group of passionate handball players and fans for all age groups across London. ...More >>
This group is all about Biodanza, dancing the five fundamental human functions known as the five lines; Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence. Dancing these aspects of...More >>
Every month we visit a new place that serves ribs in London....More >>
Life and Health Mentor Will Pike gives you the tools to reconnect to your body and intuition, for you to create healthy and happy lives you love. Join him and other like-minded, fun people f...More >>
Fun Loving London Is a group for people who love to socialize, interested in dating and mating. It’s open to any one who is single, attached or couple. The purpose of making of this group is...More >>
Want fun, enjoyable evenings with new people? Well, you have come to the right place! This meet up group will be primarily based on going to shows/performances, unqiue events, exploring hidd...More >>
This is a group for anyone who works or volunteers at charities or not-for-profit organisations. There are so many great charities in London, I thought it would be great to provide an enviro...More >>
Welcome to the London College of Meditation meet up ! A Newhuman Beings community. This is a calling for all creative, joyful and free souls. We will develop and re-discover our true essence...More >>
Like to explore England? Meet like minded people in Londonan and join to visit our beautiful country and cities, day trips to scenic and historical sites in the comfort of a luxury coach. Al...More >>
Unhurried started a year ago in Cambridge, where we host monthly conversations. We're now starting up in Walthamstow. We've been thinking about the quality of being unhurried. There’s a lot ...More >>
This is a group for people who want to play the social game Wherewolf. In Wherewolf your village is having problems with pests. During the Night the village is attacked by werewolves & numbe...More >>
Want to meet some new people and do something interesting? Whether its just a quick drink at a bar after work, or going for a walk down the river, going to the theatre, going to nice restaur...More >>
Welcome one and all to the new home of the AECOM St. Albans Sports & Social Club - the place to get the latest out-of-office goings on for all AECOM-ers in STA. To launch the new and improve...More >>
Welcome to the original London Cheap Eats and Eateries & Going Out Group (18-35). London is expensive, including eating out and going out but those 'in the know' pay less. This group is for ...More >>
This group is for fun loving Christian's who have been longing for Christian parties, bar type events and other activities where we can come together in love and unity to praise the Lord!...More >>
Hi! RobCV, welcome to my group! I'm no stranger to hosting events, having hosted around 250 events on the wonderful CitySocializer website (where I still host). I've started this group to do...More >>
For men and women in their 20s/30s/40s who are new to Ingatestone or want to make new friends in Ingatestone. The main purpose is to meet people and make new friends. Activities to be discus...More >>
This is a social group for Far East Asians to share fun times and network... You can be Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean or Filipino... or a global citizen...More >>
This group is for American and Canadian expats in London who want to meet new people, share and enjoy new experiences in London. We run a variety of American, Canadian and British events. Yo...More >>
Calling all London teachers who find themselves with free time during the holidays, but all friends are working. Looking to meet people who like to make the most of living in London and the ...More >>
Welcome to the Caterham Social Group. If you want to meet new people, get together, have fun, have a laugh - you are in the right place! This group has been created to provide an opportunity...More >>
London is good for many things. Here are three simple things that can make ourselves feel even greater, healthier and happier: Stretching, Walking and International Socializing. Stretching: ...More >> >>
London is one of the most interesting and fascinating cities in the world. The city evolved over thousands of years first founded by Romans and later ruled by others including Anglo-Saxons a...More >>
This group is for those single people, whether they're divorced, widowed or never been married, who are in their 40s, 50s or older and who are determined to find someone special in their liv...More >>
Life drawing with a difference! Friendly relaxed informal classes in a salon setting.... with unique & unusual themes &  models, all sessions £10 basic materials provided...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in meeting new people and making friends sharing social-cultural activities. Italian culture is one of our common interests so Internationals and Intern...More >>
Blackheath Social group for people looking to meet and make friends around the area. Lots of nice restaurants, cafes and bars so what better way than to meet up for a chat:) All welcome but ...More >>
The perfect atmosphere for indulging in some playtime with likeminded Professional Single looking for someone special. Designed strictly for socialites with that classic touch of elegance......More >>
Fete Domnik UK was established 22 November 2013 by Henri Jno-Baptiste, bringing together friends and family who hail from the Commonwealth of Dominica. Grenada, Guadalupe, French Guiana, Hai...More >>
This is a chance for you to join a group of beginners in a social setting for a ten week beginners guitar course. We'll be meeting every Sunday in a beautiful location close to Camden Under ...More >>
Connecting Srilankan professionals (or Srilankan descent) living in or around Guildford, Surrey, UK. Professional living in other parts of Surrey are welcome too. Idea is simple. I am hoping...More >>
************TWO FOR ONE DEAL************* Do you love deals?! But you don't always have someone to share them with? Why is it most deals are two for one or cheaper in a group? Whether it's a...More >>
This group is aimed to bring people from a Professional Somali background living in London together. Expand your social network and a chance to make new friends with like minded people in a ...More >>
Hello friends, Welcome to the Indian expats in London group. This group is made for couples and families from Indian origin living in London and looking forward in meeting fellow likeminded ...More >>
I would like to create a group of local lesbians to meet, drink, chat and simply enjoy each others company. I've recently moved to this area, struggling to find local lesbian groups I've dec...More >>
This group is for anyone 30-45 who loves the idea of combining dinner with unique fun events such as Museum Lates, themed parties (e.g. White Mischief or Artful Dodger), great talks (e.g. Su...More >>
Calling all fun and fabulous young women, aged 18-30, in and around Wycombe! I've started this group so us girls of a similar age can get together for coffee, dinner, trips to the theatre or...More >>
Van's Taste Teleport is an amateur Supper Club based in South East London, Rotherhithe area and is hosted by a foodie enthusiast, and a keen cook! I have been fortunate enough to travel to m...More >>
Hello everyone I started this group because I enjoy going to the theatre....More >>
This is a group for Enfield based residents with an opportunity to get to know people in our county over fun events. These include dinning out, drinks, going for tea/coffee, outdoor activiti...More >>
Let's get together for affordable activities in our town, like going for a coffee and talk about the news, storytime at the library, having picnics near Hartham, hiking, cycling and obviousl...More >>
A chance for people to make friends and enjoy all sorts of activities together....More >>
This is a group for anyone who is at a Loose End and wants to meet new friends while having fun. There will be different Events from walks, pub meets, shows etc all at excellent low prices. ...More >>
City Matchmaker is a Lifestyle Members Club for City professionals living in London. For the latest news and events like us on Facebook here: Our Members This...More >>
This is a group for young people looking to explore London or who are new to the city. Our meetups range from an afternoon picnic in Hyde Park to happy hour at a pub to a street food festiva...More >>
Fun ukulele sing song group for beginners. Relaxed social classes Led by London musician/teacher Dan Maitland....More >>
This is a group for everyone interested to meet Moroccans in London. Whatever your gender, age or profession you are all welcome as long as you are Moroccan or have Moroccan background. Mer7...More >>
Group aimed at bringing the shy londoners together, those with introverted, quiet natured personalities to meet like-minded individuals who are either single and looking for love, or just lo...More >>