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These are not necessarily singles only groups

How many times have you wanted another couple to go bowling with you, or out to dinner, or rent a villa out in Spain for the weekend...but all of your other couple friends were either too br...More >>
Transforming Loneliness. This group is for women and single mums feeling isolated in London. We come together to share a real conversation, have fun, empower and inspire each other. These ar...More >>
Hi, This group is for all Carers to get together once or twice a month for tea, coffee, an informal chat hopefully a bit of a laugh ! I am from Cheshire but work in Chingford since last Febr...More >>
Are you tired of being blown out by friends with no childcare or trying to stay awake when their talking about their children? Then this is the group for you if you are 35 or over! We will n...More >>
I wanted to do that... Just not alone! (FREE, FUN & SAFE) Interested in a festival or music performance? Crave for dining at an exotic restaurant? Can't find teammates/players for a sport, h...More >>
Welcome to the 'new' Weybridge & Walton Meetup Group. 'WEYBRIDGE & WALTON SOCIALITES' We are looking for people who are keen to be 'active' members of a busy social group based in the Weybri...More >>
This meetup is about playing badminton at all levels. Beginners welcome. Singles and doubles. We promote sport, health and fitness. Enjoy playing badminton and meeting new friends? Join us a...More >>
Studio W6 is a space where you can bring your creative project and work with like-minded people over tea and cake. If you are creative, or want to test out a new creative talent or project, ...More >>
Calling out for Any singles 38 - 58 who are ready to mingle once again in the right enviroment !! Fed up with just numerous photo's & numerous messages on Dating Sites ??? Then Come & meet l...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in classic fiction. The aim is to meet around once a month for brunch or a drink in Woolwich or Plumstead and talk about a book - hopefully it will give...More >>
Friendly People, Exciting Socials, Great Music - We welcome you to join in the fun as we celebrate great African and Latin music in the way we know, dance and more dance! Wheth...More >>
A fun new way to enjoy your evening! This is an inclusive group, so whether you're a local, expat, born and bred here, traveller, on holiday, new to London, or just passing through, single, ...More >>
Know you want to do something more meaningful than your day job but aren't sure where to start? Lots of ideas running around your head but nothing concrete standing out? Not sure that you wa...More >>
Are you passionate about traveling? Do you have a travel wish list? Are you dreaming to travel the world? This group is organising weekly meetings and discussions on travel plans. We organis...More >>
Ever heard this phrase before: “Same-same, but different?” Well this is what this group is all about! Whether you are from South East Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand or you cons...More >>
What this group is about This is a meetup for twentysomethings to come together and share new experiences. Meeting likeminded friends is always easier when you're doing something new and dif...More >>
This is a great way to meet new people. We're simply getting together over a few drinks at various bars/ coffee shops and having a good laugh, it's as simple as that....More >>
If you are one of the many young professionals in the city who would like to meet some great people, you will want to come to City Nights. We are bringing the city's upcoming entrepreneurs a...More >>
This group is for all young Londoners looking to expand their social circles and meet some amazing people. We are looking for all young 20-something movie lovers, bowling fans, shufflers and...More >>
We are a small War Party of like minded individuals interested in Boardgaming, Entertainment and Adventuring looking to socialise and roll dice in pleasant company with good humour and conve...More >>
This group a free to attend meetup group that takes place in London. It is based around social events and activities which usually runs twice a month. It is outdoor based, especially in Spri...More >>
All what you need to know about Argentinian Tango in fun, relaxed and enjoyable classes around London.. We will get you dancing in a very short time, guaranteed!! Vast experienced in the tea...More >>
Ealing is a great place to live so let's make the most of it! This group is for any Ealing dwellers in their late twenties or early thirties (ish), who want to meet social, like-minded peopl...More >>
The Fun Side of the Moon is a playful corner of artistic expression for grown-ups. Our aspiration is to create an Art Lab, a space for bringing people together, find ways to improve their se...More >>
Like pubs? Like making new friends? Like exploring different areas of London? That’s pretty much all you need to for this to be the perfect group for you. The plan is to venture to a differe...More >>
We are a social and activities group for people who live, work or visit North West London. We range from Harrow in the north, to Harlesden in the south, mostly covering the boroughs of Harro...More >>
Workshops for living creatively:- for people who are creatively blocked Are you interested in learning ways to use your creativity to its full potential? Our workshops will introduce you to ...More >>
Ladies and gentleman if you like to be entertained, enjoy stand up, comedy or musical theatre, burlesque shows or the like then this is the right meet-up for you. This group will be looking ...More >>
Do you love home cooked meals? Do you love to cook? Are you a budding chef/restaurant owner? Sick and tired of unhealthy generic takeaways? If at least one of the above is true then this gro...More >>
Here you can make your mosaic masterpiece (or just start from the beginning), work alongside others and pick up new tips and techniques, get away from computers and screens in general... jus...More >>
Would you like to meet other teachers and colleagues in Education, to help each other, share ideas, experiences and get to grips with all the new Edtech coming into the classroom? The goal o...More >>
This friendly, informal group is for anyone who would like to improve their maths/science. Perhaps you: • are thinking about or studying for a qualification • are starting a new job which re...More >>
By invitation only Club to join the Garners at there home for fun and games....More >>
Whether you are completely in love with London life or feeling a little homesick for The States, this group is for you. I've lived in London (on and off) for the last 8 years, and although s...More >>
Calling people who would like to 'escape' to the countryside... Ideally suited to creatives, photographers, potters, artists, hikers, foodies, explorers, adventurers and culture seekers. Do ...More >>
Hello and welcome to the entrepreneurs and professionals Tv channel Eap.Tv is an online TV channel that will be interviewing entrepreneurs and professionals, giving them the platform to shar...More >>
Just to relax after work, we decided to start this group to find the good coffee shops in London, while staying away from the big chains. Normally we will find a coffee shop to start our eve...More >>
Are you into Trap Music, Future Beats and Bass Music? You like SoundCloud and discovering new wavy tunes? Checking and on a regular basis? Well this is the pe...More >>
This is a social meetup group for anyone in their 20's, 30's, 40's, interested in nights out to restaurants/pubs, cultural events, outdoor activities (walking/jogging) and anything in betwee...More >>
What is the secret of happiness? How to be happy and create authentic happiness and fulfilment in my life? One, that is so persistent and habitual that I can use it to bring the gifts of joy...More >>
Let that INNER VOICE be heard! Let the knowledge revealed INSPIRE you. What is the Conscious Self? Explore with us. Set in a neutral setting, we are a group where you are in the driving seat...More >>
It's not an easy game to connect deeper to ourselves, to others, let alone the partner we are with. It's called intimacy; a word easily used but how does it feel and look like? What does it ...More >>
This group is for people who love to travel both to far flung places, and in the UK.  Maybe you are fed up travelling alone, maybe your family  and friends can't travel with you, perhaps you...More >>
Meals, drinks, coffees and social events based around the Finchley area in North London. The meetup is a chance for you to meet other people who live or work near North, West, East Finchley ...More >>
New venue for 2016 still to be confirmed! Want to lose weight and tone up while having fun?! The worlds most fierce workout! Try out the Ultimate Fat Burner - a mixture of Dance, Boxing, Car...More >>
Do you feel like there's something missing from your life? Is that something a close group of friends who you can share anything and everything with- over a few cocktails? This group is for ...More >>
This group is for those who would like to meet like-minded people in a safe and fun environment. Our events put members at ease and make meeting people as comfortable as possible. So if you ...More >>
Why We Do What We Do: It’s simple! Engagement leads to motivation; these are prerequisites for learning which directly contribute to positive change. Change starts with the mind and nothing ...More >>
I'm so thoroughly fed up of living in Southgate that I'm starting this group!! It's for lone wolves with a sociable side who may also have a creative bent, are perhaps a bit cynical and mise...More >>
I'm researching dining concepts for a personal project and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a new group with like minded people. We will dine in restaurants that have been rec...More >>
Okay guys (and girls)....the other villages have got their own social groups so here's one for us sw12'ers to Meetup and enjoy some great places in balham (and neighbouring postcodes). Pleas...More >>
So they say that 30s are the new 20s! If you're looking to meet new people, have fun, make great friends and share experiences together, then you're in the right place. The types of events t...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in art, architecture, history and music, who wants to explore their curiosity of such things and meet like minded people, there will also be general soc...More >>
Callings all who are looking for fun with others. We organise all kinds of social events from music, walks, treasure hunts, theatre and eating out. Any suggests welcome. Based in Richmond bu...More >>
Do you live in Slough or its surrounds?? Windsor, Beaconsfield, Langley, Uxbridge, Maidenhead? This is a group for people who would like to make local friends and explore the local area... c...More >>
This is a group for people that often find they want to do stuff but can't find the people to do it with. The idea is that whenever we want to do something, but our friends don't, you give m...More >>
This group is for anyone that would like to learn some new digital skills, whether you are a complete beginner or are more advanced. I am passionate that anyone and everyone should be able t...More >>
A social group affiliated to the Somerville Foundation for people over 30 years of age born with a heart condition. The aim is to offer different social activities across London offering opp...More >>
A social group affiliated to the Somerville Foundation for young adults between 18 and 30 years of age who were born with a heart condition. The group aims to arrange social events where you...More >>
This Meetup is about discovering the best social events in London with people like you and around you. Whether you are new in the city, or just willing to expand your friend circle, this gro...More >>
Students of London, unite! This is a group for college students seeking to make new friends and increase the size of their social circle. About Us We are a group of college students, aged 18...More >>
Ce groupe est fait pour les français qui souhaitent faire de nouvelles rencontres, partager leurs experiences et connaissances de la vie à Londres....More >>
A meet up group for those of us who are interested in Buddhism, particularly Triratna, and want to explore London with like-minded people. To have coffee, to chat, to enjoy music and movies ...More >>
Epic London Adventures -Unique and Fun Activities in London This group is for people who are interested in doing fun and awesome unique experiences in London that will blow your mind and mak...More >>
I love London and the bazillion things to do here - there's so much fun to be had here and amazing people to do it with. This group is for girls aged 25-40, looking to explore this fair city...More >>
FIRST SESSION FREE, Love Singing? Want to increase your confidence and sing then come along to one of our Singing for fun classes. No auditions and no experience required. In this class you ...More >>
Who We Are The St Albans Gentlemen's Meetup is a not-for profit social club compiled of like-minded gentlemen aged between 21 and 35 who strive to promote community. The term "Gentleman" is ...More >>
This is a group for young professionals in the Clapham and South West area from early 20s to mid 30s looking to make friends, socialise and enjoy London life especially those new or returnin...More >>
You're sick of meeting people online who've lied about their age, you're reading profiles of who people want to be (not who they actually are). You want to see the whites of their eyes, you'...More >>
Let's get together for any kind of social activity in our neighborhoods, start a running club, arrange a house party, have picnics in the rain, initiate a ladies-only book club, create the w...More >>
Let's get together to do, see, experience London, to eat and drink, laugh and have fun. London is lively, vibrant, full of fab things to do, it's all on our doorstep just waiting for us to m...More >>
All Aboard! Welcome All and Everyone! 15 years ago I moved to the UK and I am loving it here! It was my dream, my wish, my hope. And for that Dream to become true I left my entire successful...More >>
Any one who want to do some think different this year fed up with life just being work and let's start having fun let's live life ?? and party...More >>
Are you a late 20's-30's something feeling forever straddling between Canadian and Chinese culture, but uprooted to London? Looking to bond with fellow CBCs, to learn about how to navigate l...More >>
An interfaith platform especially created for those who are interested in deeper intuitive enquiry about the realm of the spiritual essence through the esoteric perspective of Islamic gnosis...More >>
Hello there A group for likeminded intuitively self aware spiritual people based in West London to come & enjoy good food or a even just a coffee, banter with spiritual self exploration, med...More >>
A Gospel choir for anyone who loves to sing. Everyone is welcome. There is no need to be able to read music or to be a brilliant singer as long as you enjoy singing. We want to be more than ...More >>
Hi Page Turners, We are a small group of 25 - 45 year olds who generally meet in a central London location, once a month, try out new places and food whilst we discuss the latest book and mo...More >>
Welcome to Sapphire's Sociable Events group. I started this group, with the help of my cousin/co-organiser Jenieve (aka Jaye) as I love going out and meeting people. This group is open to al...More >>
This is a group for people who would like to find love and make new friends in London. You are bored of being solo and would like to change that. You are either new to meetup or have been on...More >>
Hey there, this is a fun social group that we have Organize, it`s a friendly meetup for people who want to meet new people and also our weekly game of Bingo at Romford Mecca bingo. We love t...More >>
Anyone interested to socialise, enjoy home cooked world cuisines, watch movies and want to support a wonderful cause may join the group. I cook delicious food and show you a movies in my hou...More >>
If you’re fed up going to the same old places and seeing the same old faces or simply have friends/family that are not really up for going out and enjoying themselves or you would like to tr...More >>
A meet-up group focusing on making female friends in London. Different activities and welcome to suggestions.Meet ups will stay small as I want to get to know everybody...More >>
This group is for Christian professionals working and /or living London. If you're looking to surround yourself with like-minded people of faith. . you've come the right place :) We will aim...More >>
Bienvenidos todos los Españoles y Latinoamericanos. Este grupo es para quienes viven en Londres y quieren organizar quedadas para socializar un poco y conocer gente hispana, ir a pubs, de ma...More >>
Let’s discover London in a very different way! This is an organization dedicated to national and international exchange students, young professional and tourist who are in London. We want to...More >>
Enjoy free tea, coffee and cake in a relaxed cafe environment. A community hub organised by St John's Wood Road Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome to this place to meet friends and new ones...More >>
Ladies who like to meet up over afternoon tea. Wanting to meet new people and socialise over tea and or champers afternoon teas. Will be holding in various places as we sample afternoon teas...More >>
Once a month supper parties in private homes designed for singles who miss out by not being part of a couple. Small groups only, no more than eight people, four females and four males, aged ...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in learning Kizomba and socializing . Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating from Angola. It is known for having a slo...More >>
Calling all music fans who want to come together and enjoy acoustic music, discover new music and socialise at the same time. We'll meet once a week or more to check out live music in London...More >>
This meet up is for those wanting alcohol free meet ups in a female only environment based mostly in East London. The idea was inspired because I am a non-drinker (of the alcohol variety) an...More >>
Hello and Welcome to all new members. I do apologize for not putting up any events lately but Christmas and a move next week took just all of my time. But it will be all back and going forwa...More >>
This group is for people in Watford, Harrow, London and the Home Counties who want to meet up with fellow stand up comedy lovers and see the best up and coming comedians performing live Stan...More >>
This is a group for any one from srilanka South India age from 40 yrs onwards to meet up regularly to chat coffee socialise interact connect and make new friends...More >>
The Excuses to Meet group helps you find local people who are looking for similar things. Whether that’s getting together for coffee, going to the cinema, grabbing a drink, going to a concer...More >>
A lovely Friendly and Welcoming Social Group for like-minded people to meet regularly during the day for conversation, companionship and friendly chats over coffee, tea or drinks and lunches...More >>
This is a brand new group for anyone interested in London's beautiful parks, strolling walks, free museums, wine tasting evenings, theatre, drinks in pubs and bars, conversation, restaurants...More >>
This group is for people that likes to socialising on water. - if you want to meet new people and party surrounded by Marina life, this could be the group for you. The difference about this ...More >>
Cooking is a passion for me and what else could I cook other than the famous traditional Italian and Neapolitan dishes? I find Italian cuisine here in London limited to some dishes only like...More >>
If you are learning spanish, si bailas salsa, if you like spanish food, si quieres conocer gente interesante... Fiesta española, international friends, la belleza de Barcelona in the most ex...More >>
Fast cars, slow cars, old cars, new cars!This group is for any auto enthusiast wanting to organize meet-ups, have a coffee and talk cars!...More >>
Want to find your ultimate girl squad? I've created this group for ladies aged 21-30 living and working in and around London who want to brunch, lunch, chat, drink, party and have fun! If yo...More >>
If you crave the company of other women... if you want meaningful connection and support... if you seek a more balanced, purposeful, joyful and healthy life... if you get excited by the idea...More >>
Meet new people and forge great new friendships at small, activity-based events. The focus of this group is quality social interactions at quality (but mostly free) social events. The goal i...More >>
Come on ladies! Let's be unashamedly selfish, or as I like to say, let's put 'self-first', for one whole hour each month and get together in a supportive, strictly judgement-free-environment...More >>
We are The League of Fabulous Women (tlfw). A network of fantastic women who happen to be child free by circumstance & by choice. We're a warm friendly bunch and this group is intended to be...More >>
This group is for people in Watford, Harrow, London and the Home Counties who want to meet up with fellow stand up comedy lovers and see the best up and coming comedians performing live Stan...More >>
This group is for people who live in and around the Forest Hill area and are looking for more social opportunities and events. Whether you want to make new friends, explore your local enviro...More >>
Are you in your mid 20s to early 30s? Have you recently quit your job to run your own business? Do you work for a start-up, and love all things entrepreneurial? Have you struggled to meet ot...More >>
My name is Darren Kam and I'm the leader of the Social Strangers movement. The purpose of this group is to create a community of people that are interested in the art of speaking to stranger...More >>
'All you need is twenty seconds of insane courage and I promise you something good will come out of it!' This group is for people who procrastinate, doubt themselves, get scared again and ag...More >>
Social Glow Events is for people who want to make new friends and meet new people in a nice fun environment in the London area.  We are a group that will be put the fun back in to events and...More >>
Are you a fan of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft?  Do you play the Call of Cthulhu RPG?  Then this might be the group for you. The aim of the Social Club is to bring together people who are i...More >>
Welcome to the new and improved DSLR Workshop group. Throughout 2016 we will be running workshops to help you master the controls of your camera, for both photography and video, so that you ...More >>
Are you: Single? Looking to expand your social horizons? Free on Wednesday nights? Then  this group is for you. We are a friendly bunch of 30 - 50 year olds who like a drink, the occasional ...More >>
meeting girls in your area who you can arrange to go to the gym with, on a night out, have a laugh with. Events will be nights out, cocktails, clubbing, live music, anything that takes your ...More >>
Howdy fellow Film lovers and welcome to what promises to be a society that consistantly delivers exciting movie nights!!!!  Our society is in its early days so please bare with us while we o...More >>
This is a group for both ladies and gentlemen, singles and couples who are currently finding it frustrating like myself to find exciting like minded individuals to go out with during the day...More >>
This is a group for people who would like to make new friends in London. You are either new to meetup or have been on meetup for a long time and are tired of how the social activities have d...More >>
Its time to get your great British bake off on and create cupcakes so beautiful you may not want to eat them! Hello there my name is Nadia a passionate foodie, baker and entrepreneur based i...More >>
Classes, Gigs and lots of fun! Run by ROAR TUITION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We also can prov...More >>
This group is for anyone who has adventure running through their blood,  the group is open to anyone who has some time mid weekday afternoon. The ideas that I would have would be walking or ...More >>
Cooking has always been my passion. I learned to cook with passion and love to the highest standards, using the finest, freshest ingredients and now wish to share the wonderful tastes, textu...More >>
Join our upbeat & friendly community in the most diverse, cultural, quality city in the world ! LONDON FRIENDS If you enjoy friendship, activities, music, arts, networking, socializing, part...More >>
Welcome to Gentlemen Only Club! There are lots of Ladies Only groups, but very few groups Gentlemen Only groups! So we have decided to adjust the balance by creating a social group just for ...More >>
It is friendly and active group for people who live in City and whats to practice skiing locally. Olympian Mantas Strolia will look after you during the group sessions. It is perfect meetup ...More >>
Why spend your Wednesday night on the couch? Come and join us and Salsa the night away....More >>
This is a meetup for asian single professionals looking to make new friends, socialise with others who are in the area. I am new to the area myself so would love to meet new people for coffe...More >>
For anyone who would like to: • have fun together by playing games like "charades", "pictionary", "taboo", "say anything" and other hilarious interactive games • meet new people As the numbe...More >>
A group for anyone interested in adventure. We run socials, day trips, weekend breaks and long holidays locally and globally. Life is short and it's important to break routine, try novel exp...More >>
Ever had to face the prospect of spending your birthday alone? We have. And we know it sucks, no matter how many times you tell yourself you're an adult and everything, so stuff like that sh...More >>
This is a group for all (non smoking) sociable people who enjoy a varied selection of cultural events and walking activities....More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in Ping Pong, Table Tennis, Sports and Socials, Beer Pong, Drinking etc. All skills levels are welcome. Our Table Tennis is all about Beer, Bragging Rig...More >>
Inspired by the awesome Secret London concept, this group is for people who want to get out and explore the best that London has to offer, and not just from the traditional tourist guides, b...More >>
Do you enjoy the winter countryside? Like to get outside and make the most of the day? Why not take up a new sport and learn to Cross Country Ski with us? Come and try out rollerskiing for a...More >>
This group is about developing NLP for personal development and practice! This practice group is a relaxed 'get together' for local NLPers and Coaches or anyone with an interest in NLP. It i...More >>
Books for Better is a book club where members can donate to chosen charities. Books are so much cheaper to buy than they once were. We have such easy access to books with Amazon and reading ...More >>
Events for the people who are happily single and don't want to date or commit to a relationship. in our events you will meet people without of having the pressure of changing your single sta...More >>
Have you lived or worked abroad? Do you love to travel? Are you an ex-pat living in the UK, like me? Come join us for meals, walks, drinks, camping, cycling and other outings and meet other ...More >>
Do you love to party? Do you love to socialise? are you a party animal? if yes then join us to meet like minded people for social drinks and parties....More >>
What have you always wanted to do/try but not got round to, or not had anyone to do it with. I intend to organise those kinds of activities - riding a Segway, trying archery or clay pigeon s...More >>
Part of me can hardly remember the pain and agony that I suffered during my worst breakup when I arrived in London. I knew no one and dealing with a break up was very very hard. It's only no...More >>
My name is Vernon.  I am a creativity coach.  Most people don't know what creativity coaching is but it's a powerful, life changing way of getting clear and creating the life you want.  If y...More >>
This group is a creative hub for free spirits like you who want a stimulating space to boost their skills in public speaking, improv, poetry and other creative activities. Writers, misfits, ...More >>
Let's watch some anime and meet other fans! Aimed at the more 'mature' (not really!) 20 and up crowd. Also includes some Western animation. New or longtime fan of Anime? Doesn't matter! Come...More >>
This is a group for anyone interested in cultivating and sharing great ideas for technological advances - simple or advanced! All skills levels are welcome. We would love like-minded people ...More >>
Do you prefer a more chill out afternoon, but you cannot chose between a massage and your house comfort? Do you love to keep your body in a good shape and to have a more healthy attitude? Th...More >>
I am a 30-something, married, black American woman looking for similar American expats. This is a group for American women between the ages of 27-40. Ideally you enjoy live music/concerts, p...More >>
A group for people who have recently moved to the area and want to discover Windsor and meet new people. Primarily we're aiming this group at people aged in their 20s and 30s who are single,...More >>
The Sing- Along for Singles is a  monthly event for people who love to sing in a social environment. If you are single, passionate about singing and looking for a place where you can raise t...More >>
If you're free during the day and live in North London, regular meetings will be held at pubs, restaurants, and will include local activities and local events....More >>
"My routines come out of total unhappiness. My audiences are my group therapy." - Joan Rivers - "There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt." ...More >>
Variety is the spice of life! This group is for people who want to meet and share experiences with other similar minded people. All the different, alternative, one off events, activities and...More >>
‘The Purley Breakfast Club’ comprises of a group of Purley and Croydon locals who meet together monthly on the last Saturday of each month at Cafe Blue, Purley anytime between 9.30-11.30AM. ...More >>
This group is for anyone interested in learning the art of stealth in urban and rural settings, surveillance and counter-surveillance skills as well as playing and enjoying urban sports that...More >>
This group is for everyone who wants to get involved in some sports and fitness whilst meeting people and making new connections. All are welcome - from the beginners to the Olympians amongs...More >>
This is a group for all those pople who have an only child. The purpose of creating the group is for us all to share experiences, give and offer advice to each other and arrange meaningful a...More >>
If you have an intermediate  level in French and wish to practise and progress to the next level, then these classes are for you! With structured lessons and conversations, using a variety o...More >>
Hey looking for 4 more players to join a group I'm setting up to play RISK legacy. The game itself is ace i have played a few times with another group but want to get another group going. I'...More >>
Social meet up for those of us who have reached the 3rd and 4th Floor (30's and 40's) and live in N6, N8 and N10! Perfect if you are new to the area or don't have friends/ family nearby and ...More >>
Are you looking to have a good time with new friends you are an preofessional person and on your 20`s, 30` or 40`s ? Do you have an healthy attitude of life and you are vibrant and passionat...More >>
This group is for all students 18+ in London: university students, college students, international students, Erasmus students, English language students, postgraduate students, and graduates...More >>
This group is for movie fans in London aged 18-40. It's a place to discuss future, current and past movies, share trailers, make like-minded friends, and arrange to go to see movies together...More >>
Spanish London - La casa de los españoles en Londres. Este grupo es para españoles que tienen ganas de conocer gente nueva y compartir su experiencia y conocimiento sobre la vida en Londres....More >>
This is a group for local business owners and people interested in growing their local business contacts. The emphasis is that the group is a friendly network where all are welcome. It is tr...More >>
I have been looking, myself, to find and join a local women's group to make some good friends, I've not come across anything yet with what I had in mind, so I thought I'd set up a group myse...More >>
Do you live in Chelsea (or the surrounding area) and want to meet your neighbors? Join us! We organize dinner and brunch events in Chelsea every 2-3 weeks. All our events are limited to 10 p...More >>
EVER YOU ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS? How i can understand The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are? how I can developing my charisma...More >>
The London Success Club!!! A club and a community for like minded and passionate people or business owners, where through this community, we will explore and find ways to become successful, ...More >>
This is a group for young people that want to have new experiences in London  for free. We believe that the "People Make the place"  so we bring together a sociable young crowd so you can ha...More >>
Greetings all, welcome to our group.. New to London? Living in Clapham or close by?, simply love the Clapham social scene? Looking to meet new people?  Want to have some fun? This the place ...More >>
Anyone who loves God and loves people would fit right in with this group. The acronym for this group is COSY and this is how you should feel at the meets. This will be a social group and dep...More >>
Are you new to London? Or have you lived here a while? Want some chilled out fun and social get-togethers? Then you've come to the right place! Join this group for get-togethers in and aroun...More >>
A social group we'll meet in and around Central London for a meal at a Japanese or Chinese restaurant or sometimes at a pizzeria or we can just meet somewhere for some Japanese or Chinese te...More >>
This group is for owners of small dogs (under 10kg's) to socialise and make new human and doggy pals. There will be a dog walk meet up at least twice a month but whilst being dog lovers is w...More >>
The Crouch End Run is a NEW group for anyone who is ready to actively take part in an early morning, weekday group run. Completely free, each weekly 5K run will start at 6:30am and typically...More >>
We are an activity and social club for adults aged 18+ with a learning or physical disability. We have pool, table tennis, table football, and other activities. Members enjoy meeting their f...More >>
#Zaikoh "zaire ya bakoko" (Rivers of our ancestors). We are warriors in dance, fitness & cultural excellence in honour of our African ancestors. ZAIKOH is a movement providing a new way of d...More >>
A group for everyone who enjoys walking and would like to experience the UK's best countryside, views and landmarks. Prefer a country pub lunch to your own sandwiches? Look out for our Gourm...More >>
Welcome to the Bengali Professionals in London. This is a group aimed to bring like minded people from a Bengali and Bangladeshi background together. We all have our close circle of friends ...More >>
This meet up is for those of you who enjoy meeting up with people to not just eat but discuss a chosen topic. The group has no leanings so it's for everyone. No matter what your thoughts, fe...More >>
Whether you put the artist, story teller or speaker on a stage, and listeners sitting in rows, or everyone sits together; this is a group where we prefer the second way. Stories and informal...More >>
Studying English as a foreign language and want to improve and practice speaking? Meet up with like-minded people to connect , make friends AND improve at the same time! Gift of the Gab (Idi...More >>
Girlfriends in London (20s - 30s, 40s) This group is for girls in their 20s, 30s and 40 who want to meet like-minded people and make new female friends in this wonderful big city! We will be...More >>
Welcome to a great way to meet and interact with influential and accomplished professionals in London. Members wanting to join must fall into one or more the criteria's stated below: 1. Rigo...More >>
This is a meet up for girls in their 20's living around Greenwich/Bexleyheath and surrounding areas. If your looking to meet new girlie friends to meet for cocktails, dinner, nights out, fun...More >>
This is a group for the bold and the brave. For the people who want more from life and aren't afraid to admit it - or to pursue it. Whether you already know what you want or need a bit of ti...More >>
New meet up group for age 35 and beyond! There have been a few of these groups now but seem to have folded? So would love to start this but will probably keep it quite small so actual friend...More >>
Hello Dancing Queens & Kings, This is a Meetup for anyone who likes to party and have fun like no one else does. We will put everything we have got - our heart and soul - into organising the...More >>
A social group for people trained in scuba diving. A chance for divers to get together at a central London venue to share their holiday and training experiences, offer diving tips and who kn...More >>
This is a new group... A once a month get together over drinks/food (possibly more regularly if it takes off), for anyone who wants to meet new people and make friends in the Sevenoaks area....More >>
This is a social group for those in their 20s and 30s, who are keen on meeting new people within the Orpington area. This group is all about friendship, meeting up for a social drink, walk, ...More >>
This is a meetup where you can come to events in London and find new friends along the way....More >>
This group is for people who come from the island of Crete or have a connection with it. I started this group because I wanted to meet other Cretans who live and work in London. If you love ...More >>
We organise trips from London to some of Europe's most beautiful and historic towns and cities. Our group is about exploring, adventure, culture, history, and meeting other guys and girls ag...More >>
To quote Radiohead, "anyone can play guitar". Join us for fun and relaxed sessions where you'll get the chance to learn to play guitar, teach someone else or both. It doesn't matter if you'v...More >>
Welcome everyone. Interested in exploring London, meet like minded people and make friends then this group is for you. Guided walks, museums, galleries, historical buildings, trips, its hist...More >>
Dear Friends This Meetup is about meeting people and sharing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere....More >>