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Reviews for Single Scene Dating

Our visitors have submitted 5 reviews for Single Scene Dating with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

Overall rating for Single Scene Dating Average rating of 4 out of 5

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I went to event for 30 and found 99% people turned up over 40 or 50 which personally it’s NON SENSE for speed dating given that this huge age gap. I asked for refund or credit to other events, they kicked me off. I left after 5min and never ever going to this dreadful event again, complete waste of time and money ,wouldn’t recommend to anyone. They don’t even have a feedback page on website and only post success story which is unfair.

Rated 1out of 5 Sj - Crystal Palace - Thu 23 Aug

Went to a recent speed dating event held by Single Scene. It was very professionally run and there were even numbers of men and women which is unusual at these type of events. I was made to feel really welcome and found it good value for money. I have recommended it to my other single friends.

Rated 5out of 5 Linda - Blackheath - Wed 7 Mar

As a woman going on my own I was very nervous but was reassured by the organiser that they look after people going on their own. I am so glad I made the effort, as I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, and the people were friendly and the event was very well organised. I will definitely be going again very soon.

Rated 5out of 5 Alison, Blackheath Speed Dating, Friday 25th June - Tue 6 Jul

Although a fun night, the claim that smart, professional types attend these events is stretching the truth ever so slightly!! The event was 40 and most men were 50 and none were "professionals" but very much in manual jobs and out of the 12 or so men I met none had been to uni. Also, as there were more men than women, they invite "helpers" to make up the numbers, they go around filling in until a "paying" man becomes free.

Rated 2out of 5 Speed Dating Chislehurst - Sat 5 Jun

Hi just a quick text to say thanks, I have now met the woman of my dreams and its all down to you. I have enjoyed all of the events and my confidence grew gradually at every one. I will miss you all and thanks again.

Rated 5out of 5 Steve - Wed 15 Jul

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